A quantitative parameter
relating to a particular state
of health as a decision-aid

Professionnels de santé
  • Adapting treatment effectively thanks to personalised monitoring of the development of the pathology.
  • Prognosticating, anticipating crises in order to reduce hospitalisation and emergency treatment, and improve patients’ quality of life.
  • Diagnosing more generally at an earlier stage.

Biotech & pharma

Quantitative data
for evaluating a candidate medication
from research to clinical phases

Laboratoires de Biotech & Pharma
  • Comparing the effect of different molecules with one another and with respect to a benchmark treatment.
  • Communicating innovative and quantitative results that are easy to interpret and popularise, in order to reassure
  • Producing sales arguments and providing solid proof in order to obtain reimbursement

INNOVATIVE measurement instrument

for use in pharmaceutical
research and personalised
medical supervision

Quantitative results defined
according to a new scale : VISCALETM

Developed for each type of biological fluid, an algorithm transforms the viscoelastic parameters into a result that is directly linked to a physiological condition

Rheomuco, an instrument dedicated
to chronic respiratory diseases


Supervision of a patient suffering from cystic fibrosis


Patient supervision

A measurement is performed at each check-up. This aid to prognosis helps in anticipating the exacerbation phase by proposing preventive treatment and monitoring its effectiveness.

Other applications

Early diagnosis and monitoring of COPD.

Biotech & pharmaceutical

Development of a new mucolytic


Case study

Rheomuco provides more pharmacodynamic data during the early phases of pre-clinical research by comparing the effect of different conditions (doses, compositions), etc.

Other applications

Claim secondary therapeutic functions, determine doses in clinical phase 2a and assess effectiveness in clinical phases 2b and 3.

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Results that are ready to be used in 5 minutes
thanks to the Rheomuco

Lecture des résultats

Taking a sample from a patient

The disposable consumable is used to collect a sample of bronchial expectoration. A 2 ml sample is enough.

Mesure et analyse

Measurement and analysis on the instrument

The consumable is positioned on the instrument. The analysis is performed automatically in 5 minutes.

Reading of results

Reading of results

A value on the scale is displayed. The consumable is removed and disposed of via the appropriate channel.

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